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Getting Started

Add accounts

As a first step, we recommend adding your accounts to get a complete picture of your finances. Tender supports connecting bank accounts, credit/debit cards, and venmo via plaid as well as accounts.

Adding an account in Tender from settings

By default, new accounts sync starting from the previous 7 days. You can change this duration to go further back in account settings.

Using the inbox

Tender uses a inbox-zero style workflow. Learn more about the inbox.


  • Tender currently only connects to US banks and works with USD.
  • While Tender has some reporting features to review spending, Tender does not support creating and tracking budgets.
  • Currently, Tender only supports connecting up to 5 banking institutions to your Tender. For instance, if you have multiple Chase credit cards or bank accounts those will count as a single institution against this limit. If you need to add more connections, please contact
  • Tender only supports modern browsers with support for WebAssembly and Passkeys.