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Send credit card expenses directly to Splitwise

Tender makes it easy to get paid back

Tender's Splitwise integration in the inboxTender's Splitwise integration in the inbox

Quickly share expenses with friends, group trips, and roommates using our Splitwise integration.

How does it work?

Tender imports your transactions from all of your accounts to view in one place

When you review your spending, you can choose to split expenses with any of your Splitwise groups

Tender's inbox-style review workflow helps you keep track of everything

Skip the manual data entry

Tender helps my partner and I quickly split our expenses without fuss, saving us a ton of time on manually entering things in.

Tender keeps track of when you get paid back

Link payments together, cleanly showing your portion of the cost.

Tender's shows you when you get paid backTender's shows you when you get paid back
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Tender is a bootstrapped, independent business, solely funded by our paying customers. We don't show you ads, sell your data, or take investor funding. Your subscription helps us keep the lights on and build new features.
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