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Release Notes

Tender is continuously updated with features, bug fixes, and behind the scene changes. Below, major changes are shown by month.

June 2024

  • Inbox: quick lookup for statement descriptions and locations
  • Inbox: Splitwise links now open in the Splitwise app on iOS and Android
  • Inbox: when available, authorized user information will be shown in the inbox.
  • Inbox: on desktop, when multiple transactions are selected their total will be shown
  • App: speedier load, save and background sync performance
  • Settings: search for rules and categories

May 2024

  • App: added support for Sign in with Google and passkey management
  • Onboarding: updated demo and onboarding tutorial

April 2024

  • App: feedback button - let us know what we can improve!
  • App: new layout that takes up the full screen, reorganized transaction detail view
  • Settings: support for deleting sources from an account
  • Rules: support for changing a transaction's description in a rule
  • Inbox: transactions can now be deleted to remove duplicates or incorrect data
  • Inbox: bulk edit on desktop, with keyboard shortcuts
  • Inbox: read items now disappear from the unread inbox when unfocused
  • Inbox: items are now sorted chronologically by transaction (or settlement) date
  • Inbox: add inbox types to sidebar
  • Inbox: add ability to filter by snoozed
  • Authentication: add support for Google Sign-In
  • Authentication: support passkeys management in settings

March 2024

  • Settings: clean up layout in settings views
  • Settings: support muting individual accounts in a plaid link
  • Settings: support merging and unmerging transaction data between accounts
  • Mint importer: added support for importing csv files when setting up a new account (try it here!)
  • Faster sync and rules engine: Sped up rules engine by 10x for incoming transactions
  • Rules: support for skipping the inbox when a rule categorizes a transaction
  • Keyboard shortcuts are now highlighted in the desktop UI for discoverability
  • Splitwise: sending to splitwise now respects the default split settings for the group.
  • Refreshed mobile UI: we're working toward a more polished UI for mobile devices

February 2024

  • Splitwise: added keyboard shortcuts for splitting from the inbox
  • Splitwise: show warning when trying to split an already split transaction
  • Reports: fixed a bug where spending buckets for 2023 would always be displayed
  • Undo/redo: fixed a bug where redo might not show the the text value
  • Inbox: added keyboard shortcut for syncing inbox

December 2023

This version marks Tender's first public release!

A demo of the app is available at Tender is also now live at

  • Plaid: plaid account syncing status is now shown.
  • Plaid/splitwise: deleting plaid and splitwise links is now possible.
  • Settings: subscription and billing management is now available.
  • Settings: logging out is available under the About tab.

November 2023

  • Plaid: fixed an issue where re-authenticating a Plaid link may run into the max link limit.

October 2023

  • New marketing page and user manual launched at
  • Added support for Offline Mode

September 2023

  • Initial release