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Importing transactions from Mint

💡 Mint import is only supported during new account setup

Currently, importing mint data is only supported during new account setup. Please contact if you would like to import data to your existing Tender account.

For new accounts, Tender supports importing your existing transaction history from a CSV file. CSV (comma-separated values) files are a common way to import and export data between applications.

Downloading your Mint export

First, we need to export your Mint data:

  1. Sign in to your account
  2. Select Transactions in the side menu
  3. Find the Export transactions link near the bottom of the page

Importing your Mint data into Tender

When you first setup your Tender account, you can import your Mint data.

  1. Sign up for Tender
  2. Under the settings tab, go to New Link
Starting a import in Tender
  1. Select the csv you downloaded earlier.
  2. Choose accounts to import

In this step, you can choose which accounts to import into Tender and rename accounts if needed.

Choosing accounts from a import

Your may contain other irrelevant data such as investment account trades. We recommend not importing these accounts as they can make your Tender account noisy.

  1. Choose categories to import

Similarly, you can choose which categories to import. If you choose to not import a category, transactions under that category will land in your Inbox to be re-categorized.

Choosing categories from a import
  1. Complete

That's it! Your historical data is now available.

Associating your data

After you import your data, you probably want to link your accounts into Tender using our plaid integrations.

When you link your banks with plaid, you can tell Tender to merge the active plaid link data with your historical data.

Linking a plaid account with data