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The inbox for your finances

The easiest way to stay on top of your spending.

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Available for web, macOS, iOS, Android
Review at your own pace
Find your financial calm

Treat your transactions like a to-do list, without worrying that things might slip through the cracks. Tender helps you stay on top of your spending and catch any discrepancies.

Find your financial calmFind your financial calm
Work at the speed of thought
Fly through your expenses

Use keyboard shortcuts on desktop and swipe gestures on mobile. Tender supports rules to automate categorization and bulk editing to make changes in a snap.

So many features
(try them out in our live demo!)
Sync With Your Bank
Tender integrates with Plaid to support 12,000+ connections out of the box.
Custom Categories
Create custom categories to organize your transactions.
Automatically categorize transactions based on rules.
Amount Change Notices
Get notified when a transaction amount changes.
Snooze a transaction to review it later.
Split Transactions
Split a single transaction into multiple categories.
Add Note
Add a note to your transaction to remember important details.
Bulk Edit
Save time by editing multiple transactions at once.
Splitwise Integration
Integrate with Splitwise to track shared expenses.
Cash Flow Reports
Understand your cash flow, broken down by dates and category.
Undo and Redo
Easily undo and redo changes to your transactions.
Dark Mode
Dark mode is easy on the eyes and saves battery life.
Works Offline
Data is stored locally on your device and syncs to the cloud once you're online.
Syncing Across Devices
Tender syncs your data across all your devices.
Progressive Web App
Install Tender on modern devices for a native app-like experience.
Use passkeys to securely access your account without a password.
Your data is protected
Your data is protected
We use industry-leading encryption and security practices to keep your data safe. Your data is encrypted at rest with bank-level AES-XTS encryption. We will never look at, analyze, share, or sell your data. Learn more
Don't just take our word for it
Some quotes from our customers...
“I love working with an inbox! It's very intuitive to think about transactions in a similar way to email. Also, being able to see notices when amounts change is really cool.”
“Tender makes it really easy to track my expenses and get a better understanding of where my money goes. Very happy to be able to review things and not lose track.”
“I really like having an inbox for my spending review. I can look at things weekly and know that I've hit everything. It's a great way to stay on top of things.”
“HOLY SHIT it feels good to use. It's incredible how slick and fast the app is. It makes doing my expenses actually kinda fun.”
“I love that I can do my expenses in about 40 seconds per week and then I don't think about them ever again.”
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Why isn't Tender free?
Tender is a bootstrapped, independent business, solely funded by our paying customers. We don't show you ads, sell your data, or take investor funding. Your subscription helps us keep the lights on and build new features.
Tender is currently US only. Join the waitlist for international availability.