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Product and engineering at Tender

How and why we built our expense tracker with CRDTs

Stephen on April 1, 2024

I started building Tender a year ago to explore an alternative path for building a personal finance app - one that prioritizes privacy and runs locally on the user's device. There are countless personal finance tools out there, but by-and-large they operate in the cloud, exposing user data to a broader surface to secure. I believe that a local-first app not only strengthens our privacy posture, but also makes for a better user experience.

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What's hard about end-to-end encryption in the browser?

Stephen on March 15, 2024

One of the key features we're thinking about is browser-based end-to-end encryption (e2ee) to add an extra layer of security. The idea behind e2ee is that encryption happens on the user's device, using keys that only the user has access to.

In the past, implementing this kind of encryption was complex because there weren't readily available web APIs for client-side encryption. However, modern browsers have been shipping crypto primitives for some years now. Even then, the encryption scheme is only part of the puzzle. The code to perform said encryption has to come from the server to begin with.

So the model breaks down here - if the server is compromised, then the whole thing is still compromised.

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Migrating from Mint

Stephen on March 12, 2024

With Mint shutting down later this month (March 23rd, 2024!), we wanted to make it easier for folks to quickly bring in their existing Mint data into Tender.

Tender now supports importing your data from Mint when you create a new account. You can try it now commitment-free in the next 30 seconds using our Mint import demo.

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