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Logging in with Passkeys

Tender supports Sign in with Google and Passkeys for signing into your account. This article dives deeper into what passkeys are and why we don't support traditional passwords.

Passkey Sign in UI in macOS

What is a passkey?

Passkeys are a new form of authentication that are designed to be convenient and more secure than traditional passwords:

  • Passkeys are widely supported by Apple's iCloud Keychain, 1Password, and Google's Password Manager
  • Passkeys don't require the user to generate a complex password for security
  • Passkeys are cryptographically tied to a specific app, making them hard to steal via phishing
  • Passkeys can be tied to your biometrics like your fingerprint reader.

Further reading on passkeys is available at

We really like Apple's guide to passkeys for further reading on passkeys.

Supported devices

Passkeys are supported by all major platforms, including:

  • macOS (v13+) and iOS/iPad (v16+) using Safari, Chrome, or Edge. See details
  • Android (v9+) using Chrome. See details
  • Windows 11 (22H2+) using Chrome, Edge, or Firefox. See details

Depending on your setup, your passkeys may also be synced and used across accounts. For instance, using a device synced with iCloud Keychain will make your Tender passkey available across all of your devices.

Passkey Registration UI in macOS

Using passkeys across devices

If you need to login to Tender across devices, your device may support what's called "Cross-device Authentication" which allows one of your devices to log in on behalf of another device.

Cross-device Authentication in Chrome

For instance, if you originally signed up using iCloud Keychain on your iPhone, you can scan a QR code to use that passkeys when using Chrome on a Windows machine.

Registering additional passkeys

Tender supports using multiple passkeys for your account. This may be useful if for instance, you have both an iPhone and a Windows computer and want both to be able to independently login. Please contact to get a new invite code to register a passkey on a new device.