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Transaction review with the inbox

Tender's inbox-zero workflow keeps you on top of your spending

Tender's inboxTender's inbox

How does the inbox work?

Tender imports your transactions from all of your accounts to view in one place

Categorize, split, and organize transactions to your liking

Get to inbox-zero and don't have to worry until next time

Why use an inbox-based workflow?

Tender's inbox helps you spot issues early and be mindful of your spending.

Our users say that Tender pays for itself in money and time saved tracking down fraud, missing refunds, and repayments.

I really like having an inbox for my spending review. I can look at things weekly and know that I've hit everything. It's a great way to stay on top of things.

Spot bill changes

Tender automatically highlights when transaction amounts change so you can spot incorrect payments quickly.

Tender highlights when the bill changesTender highlights when the bill changes

Get more done in less time

Tender is thoughtfully designed to maximize your productivity

Our rules engine lets you automate the busy work. Choose which kinds of transactions can skip the inbox and which need a second look.

Tender's rules engine automates busy workTender's rules engine automates busy work

Keyboard shortcuts and bulk editing on desktop make reviewing your inbox a snap.

Tender's keyboard shortcuts make clearing your inbox super fastTender's keyboard shortcuts make clearing your inbox super fast
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