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Tender supports building rules to automate recurring work. Currently, the only supported action is categorizing the transaction.

In the future, we expect to also support:

  • Automating splitting bills with others
  • Setting custom descriptions for transactions

Rules can match transactions based on its description, account, or amount and are run on import.

Creating rules

You can create rules directly from a transaction or from the settings.

Creating a categorization rule in Tender

Rules can optionally be applied to transactions currently in the inbox.

How a rule gets applied

Rules are applied to new transactions synced into Tender. When a rule matches and the transaction is automatically categorized, the transaction will still go into your inbox for review.

Acknowledging an auto-categorized rule

In the future, we plan to support skipping the inbox when a categorization rule is applied.

💡 Limitation

For now, rules are unordered. When multiple rules apply to a transaction, Tender will pick one winner.

Example rules

Here are some example rules we've found useful.

Ignoring transfers between accounts

  • When description contains "AUTOMATIC PAYMENT"...
  • When the description contains "Venmo" and the account is "bank account"...
  • When the description is "Payment" and the account is "Splitwise"...


  • Set the category to "Internal Transfer"

Recurring bills

  • When the description is "T-mobile" and the amount = "$50.00" set the category to "Utilities"
  • When the description is "Rent" and the amount = "$1200.00 set the category to "Housing"