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Tender uses Plaid to securely link your accounts and import your transaction data.

The great thing about Plaid is that it supports over 10,000 banks and your bank of choice is likely supported. The not-so-great thing is that Plaid can have both temporary and on-going connectivity issues.

These kinds of issues are unfortunately mostly outside of Tender's control.

Common issues and Plaid limitations

Bank permission screen is not loading

Sometimes ad-blocker can prevent the bank's permissions screen. Try temporarily disabling ad-block settings in your browser.

Frequent re-linking required

Sometimes, plaid makes us relink accounts extremely frequently (i.e. once a day). These issues might be due to:

  • 2FA/MFA enabled. We don't recommend turning off 2FA, but this can be the cause.
  • Security settings. Some banks have a security section in their online dashboard that might help with this.

Capital One

Plaid can only retrieve the last 90 days of transaction history with Capital One accounts. If you don't periodically do a sync in Tender, some accounts

Sometimes, links may be marked as "delayed" and report that they haven't updated recently. These cases usually mean plaid is running into issues with the account. You can try re-authenticating the link to solve the issue, or contact us at

Persistent issues

If you're impacted by a persistent syncing issue and aren't happy with Tender - send us an email at and we'd be happy to try to debug with you or issue you a refund.

Re-linking accounts

Sometimes, you might need to unlink and relink a bank with Tender.

In these situations, Tender will attempt to automatically re-associate the new link with your existing data.

Merging accounts in Tender

If Tender incorrectly associates two account's transaction data, you can re-associate those data sources in the account settings.

Reassociating an account source in Tender