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👋 Hi, I’m Stephen.

I started working on Tender to alleviate my spending anxiety. I was frustrated with other tools that never seemed to show me reasonable data - there’d always be weird spikes in the graphs and categories that weren’t relevant to me. I’d get upset with seeing ads mixed in with my expenses and random phone calls trying to sell me advisor services.

Tender is meant to be different.

To start, our first release is centered around the inbox. For over a decade, folks have been using inbox-zero strategies on their email and to do lists to stay on top of work. We’re bringing that same productivity-centered workflow to your finances. I wanted to bring that same workflow to my finances, reviewing transactions, working through anything actionable (get paid back for lunch), and moving things out of my inbox when they’re done. The inbox has let me take worrying about spending and externalize it into a system that I can rely on.

Secondly, modern web software has only seemed to deteriorate in the past decade. Apps on the web feel slow - doing anything on public wifi is a chore. With Tender, we’re building an app that runs on your device - our approach feels snappier and preserves your privacy.

I’m excited to share what we’ve been building for the last year. We’re just getting started.


P.S. if you have any feedback, drop me a line at I read all emails!